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Pixel Caveman is a survival strategy game with a turn-based battle system.

Fight with nature, animal, climate and some special guests created by beautiful pixel art graphics.

Unlock technology tree elements for increasing survival chance of caveman.

The caveman tribe needs your help!



Welcome to the world of cavemen! Pixel Caveman is a survival game where you journey through beautifully created pixel world while building a new civilization. It is your main task to keep your cavemen alive. You will try to find your way in four main types of surroundings: forest, desert, lake , meadow and underground + DLCs You should keep your tribe fed, warm and safe. As you discover your path to create farms from collecting seeds, do not forget to hunt - world of cavemen has quite a diverse group of animals. Just do not become prey on your hunting scouts, there are some dangerous wild animals bossing around! In time, you will jump your way in technology tree, giving your cavemen new skills and equipment to better fight in their civilization journey. Last but not least, you will encounter different NPCs along your way. They will give you different missions with some handsome rewards. Listen to them, maybe they have an interesting story to tell.

Get ready to survive!